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edit, silkeborg is located in region known as Søhøjlandet (lit.: the lake-highland) in mid-eastern Jutland, regarded as one of the most beautiful areas in Denmark. In the 1930s, Kongens Lyngby developed into a modern suburb. The lake fountains: The fountains in Silkeborg Langsø are among the largest in northern Europe 13 and are a landmark of the city. North Zealand belonged to the Catholic Church (represented by Roskilde Cathedral and the name Lyngby was associated with several places. He was the Danish team flag bearer at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. Constructed in 1970 the fountains are actually built into the lake in front of City Hall. lyngby teatre danish bank rødovre center

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Retrieved "Kommunens historie" (in Danish). The city square is surrounded by the Hotel Dania (Silkeborgs oldest hotel, founded in 1848). Notable people edit Harald Madsen, 1930's Simon Kvamm, 2010 Alphabeat, 2008 The Arts edit Lau Lauritzen. 5 In 1993, the German corporation, Drewsen Spezialpapiere, bought the mill, but in 2000 decided to close. The playing acts are often famous Danish bands, but occasionally also international names take to the stage. 6 Main sights edit Silkeborg Museum: The oldest preserved building in the city is Silkeborg Manor constructed in 1767. The Tour of Denmark). Contents, history edit, silkeborg was the site of a castle, a monastery and a farming estate, established in the 15th century, some 6 km from. Radio Silkeborg closes, Retrieved 17 November 2013.

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1820 with the White Mansion visible on the left. In the background can be seen the city's former paper mills, now home to the Radisson-SAS Hotel and other shops. In the indoor aquarium and outdoor animal park, fish and animals characteristic of Danish wildlife are on show to locals and visitors alike. Regional buses to the surrounding cities depart from the train station. 19 The event is held once every three years. 3 Lyngby Main lyngby teatre danish bank rødovre center Street. On Saturdays, the square hosts the city's weekly market. Silkeborg IF plays its home matches at Silkeborg Stadion, renamed Mascot Park after the company Mascot, a textiles manufacturer, which bought the rights to the stadium name. Silkeborgsøerne (the Silkeborg lakes). 17 Silkeborg Reggae Festival, also known as Raggapak, was a reggae festival. The natural spring, Arnakkekilden, is located in the park next to Lake Ørnsø. Retrieved The history of Silkeborg, Retrieved 1, Hverdagen under besættelsen, Retrieved 2, Silkeborg Papirfabrik, Retrieved 3, About Jyske Bank, Retrieved 4, Silkeborg Museum, Retrieved 5, Hotel Dania, Retrieved 6, Hjejlen - Oldest steamboat in the world, Retrieved. This building is now Silkeborg Museum where you can see the naturally mummified corpse of the Tollund man, who lived during the 4th century.