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On the Swedish Animal's Right Website you can read (my translation In a historical decision, Circus Brazil Jack, Sweden's oldest circus, announces that they stop using animals in their performances. The artists who are aged from 21 to 26 come from the world of gymnastics, but this collective was formed due to a desire to appear for an audience. The circus tent is just the perfect setting for a great experience for the whole family. There are Roman rings, the trapeze, the double trapeze and many other tools. The Danes met him most recently in the Jimmy Enochs Winter Circus in 2014 and at Circus Benneweis in 2013. The clown Jimmy Folco, inspired by Buster Keaton - had everyone laughing. My side lady refused to believe me when I told her that Benny was 72 years old! As he himself was a man who focused on development, he would be both proud and happy about the way his "child" circus has evolved and that it has become an important part of the cultural life. Julia and her younger brother Joakim presented juggling and bike acrobatics.


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8 September 2018 Support performance for the injured artist Tetiana Koreneva. Stumb" - says Grrrmachine Festivals II (60 stories) - "Years ago.a mate and I got caught climbing the fence at Glastonbury. This show might well be interpreted as an idea of diversity and tolerance! Circus Landino was now ready for a new, beautiful circus performance, presented by Charmaine and Patrick Berdino. 'I've just shagged one " - says. In the company of the crane and its operator were allowed to dream about distant horizons and new adventures. gift male adult dating i skive